It’s not much of a mystery who we are, a family-owned business made up of people who love the Bend, Oregon lifestyle. We’re passionate about our little shop, and treating people with the utmost care is essential to our reputation.

We don’t want to say “we have integrity”, we would rather demonstrate it. We know that getting your car repaired or serviced can be about as much fun as getting a cavity filled but at Peak Euro we want you to have a great experience and to feel confident that we will take care of you and your vehicle.



Ryan started Peak Euro in 2007 to provide an affordable German car ownership experience in Bend. He grew up around all kinds of machinery on a family ranch where he learned that keeping your “machine” running smoothly is a requirement in protecting your livelihood. Peak Euro has grown into what can only be described as a passion turning into a reality. Here at Peak Euro, we are thankful to be providing maintenance and repair to European Vehicles. With a focus on Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes. You are why we do this. Our goal is to partner with our customers to simply build relationships and provide solutions.

Ryan and his wife, Elissa, moved to Bend in 2005. Like many of us, they moved here for the outdoor lifestyle, as they enjoy skiing and mountain biking, among other interests. They consider Bend an ideal place to raise their two children, Cash and Sunny.