Brake Problems & Signs That Your Brakes May Be Going Out

Brake Problems & Signs That Your Brakes May Be Going Out

Any automobile needs brakes to safely travel on the roadways. European vehicles are no exception. Generally, stopping your car is something we take for granted, but it is so important to maintain the components of your brake system so that nothing catastrophic happens. Brake problems can be life threatening. Make sure to bring your vehicle into our shop if you notice any of the following signs.

Burning Smell

If you start to smell something burning in your car, it may very well be a brake issue. Often accompanied by a squealing sound, burning smells can be a clear indication that your brakes are overheating. It’s very important to pull over if you are experiencing this, because overheated brakes will eventually fail.

Brake Fluid Leaks

Leaky brakes are no good. If you’re noticing brown spots or an oily substance near the wheels of your European vehicle, it’s time to get things checked out. Most likely this is an issue with leaks in the brake lines or master cylinder. Get this fixed ASAP.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Most modern cars use a system of lights to indicate to a driver if there is any problem with the vehicle. Your brakes are no exception. If you ever see an ABS light on your dash, you have brake problems – get your car in as soon as possible for an inspection.

Changes in Brake Pedal Resistance

If you’re experiencing any variation in your brake pedal’s resistance, please get your car in for an inspection. Resistance from this pedal should be consistent each time you press it. If your pedal feels soft or spongy, or if it becomes hard to push in, then you most likely have a problem with your brake fluid. Again, brake issues are not something you want to ignore.

Grinding Noises

Your European car should have silent brakes. After all, you bought quality for a reason. So if you hear any grinding or squawking noises coming from the brakes, best to get it checked out. These noises can be a sign that your brake pads are wearing down, and you need new ones. They could also be a sign that the brakes are overheating. These problems go hand in hand and should be addressed quickly.

Pulling to One Side

Your European car should drive straight on the road. If you’re experiencing a pulling sensation in either direction, you should get your car inspected. While it could be an alignment issue, a number of other things could be going on, such as caliper problems, a warped rotor, or an uneven brake pad surface.

Vibration On The Road

Not only should your brakes be quiet as you drive, they should be smooth as well. If you notice any vibration or wobbling when you apply the brakes, it could be a sign of brake trouble. You might feel this just in the steering wheel, or the whole car could begin shaking or wobbling when you press the brake pedal to the floor.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, your brakes may be going bad. Make sure to call Peak Euro in Bend, OR for any problems you may be having. Our certified mechanics are standing by to diagnose the problem, address it with you, and then make repairs in a timely manner. We fix things right the first time – your European vehicle deserves it. Call today.

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