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European automotive engineering and technology is continuously evolving. Today’s vehicles come equipped with computer systems that are connected to all the major systems in your vehicle. Everything from your cruise control to your engine is monitored and controlled by this advanced technology making it more important than ever for the auto repair industry to keep up. This advancement is what makes it so important to only trust your European vehicle with a technician that has the specialized training and skills to understand modern-day automobiles.

Peak Euro in Bend, OR, has a team of technicians that fit that very bill. With our state of the art repair facility and industry-leading expertise, we can accurately diagnose and repair your vehicle the first time every time.

Decoding Your Dashboard

Your dashboard is full of indicator lights that are designed to alert you when there is an issue. Your vehicle’s computer will regularly scan all your major systems and then send them a signal to light up. As tempting as it is to ignore these lights, they are often the first sign of a problem that if left unattended will only grow more serious.

Most vehicles have the following indicator lights included in their dashboard:

  • Brake Light
  • Battery Light
  • Check Engine Light
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Light
  • Airbag Light
  • Anti-Lock Brake Light
  • Oil Pressure Light
  • Low Fuel Light

While some of these lights are issues you can handle yourself like low fuel or tire pressure, when the more serious warning lights come on we recommend that you come to see us at Peak Euro as soon as you can.

Computer Diagnostics Experts

While it is the first step in the process, proper diagnostics takes more than hooking your vehicle up to a computer and retrieving a code. The diagnostic trouble codes are a road map to the problem, but it takes an expert to actually diagnose the issue. At Peak Euro, we start with the codes and then our expert European technicians get to work finding the root of the problem. In fact, it is the combination of state of the art equipment and industry-leading expertise that allows us to provide the best European auto repair in the area.

Computer Diagnostics Near Me

If your European vehicle is experiencing electrical issues or if your check engine light is on call Peak Euro today to schedule an appointment.

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