European Automobile Fluid Colors

European Automobile Fluid Colors

It’s important to know the color of the fluids in your European automobile just in case one of the systems springs a leak. Common places where auto fluid leaks from include hoses, seals, and gaskets. Peak Euro provides a list of auto fluids by their color below for your easy reference.


There are two types of blue automotive fluid and one is much more common than the other. The most common auto fluid that is blue is windshield washing fluid. You may also have blue coolant/antifreeze, but it’s more likely that the windshield washer fluid is leaking from your automobile.


Blue/green is also a coolant/antifreeze color. This color is unusual, so pop the hood and check the color of your engine coolant by looking at it in the clear reservoir tank. Do this only when the engine is cold.


Auto fluid ranges in brown colors from light brown to dark brown depending on its age. Light brown hues indicate that the fluid is new, whereas dark brown suggests the fluid is old and oxidized. Brown auto fluid includes brake fluid, oil, gear fluid, and aging transmission fluid.


Clear fluid is usually nothing to worry about unless it is gasoline, and if it is, you’ll be able to smell that. Usually, clear fluid is just water dripping from the air conditioner or out of your tailpipe.


Aside from blue/green, your engine coolant might also be green. Again, you can determine which color your engine coolant is by taking a look at it. It’s important to do this because engine coolant colors can range from just about any color in the rainbow.


One distinct engine coolant color is orange, and the reason why it is distinct is that it usually means your radiator has rusted out. If this happens, the coolant will leak on the garage floor and have an orange hue due to the rust.


Pink fluid leaking out from underneath your car is a bad sign. Pink fluid is a combination of transmission fluid and engine coolant, and these fluids should never mix. When there is a breach between the two systems, this mixture occurs.


Red fluid is either power steering fluid or transmission fluid. Some engine coolants are also red, and depending on the type of brake fluid you have in your automobile, it, too, might be red.


Finally, antifreeze/coolant can also be yellow. When your brake fluid is new, it might look yellow, as well.

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