Four Common BMW Problems We Fix All the Time

Four Common BMW Problems We Fix All the Time

Peak Euro loves German automotive engineering; so much so that we are experts in it. We service and repair many European makes and models, including BMWs. There are some common problems that we run across frequently, and we are happy to say we are quite astute at fixing them. These are problems for which BMW is known, so don’t think you have a lemon if your BMW suffers from one or more of them.

1. Cooling System Trouble

Many BMWs are known to overheat because their cooling systems leak or have a malfunctioning water pump installed. It’s better to have this problem checked out right away than to put it off because an overheating engine can cause additional trouble down the line. We can get to the bottom of why your BMW’s engine is running hotter than it should be. Once we’ve found the issue, we will fix it so you can drive away with the engine running at just the right temperature.

2. Leaking Oil

Leaking oil is also problematic, not only because it will cause your BMW to run hotter, but as the oil level decreases, it will also cause engine damage. Oddly, a problem with the fuel pump can make your BMW leak oil, but more commonly, the oil can leak out of the valve cover gasket, which is prone to break down and fail to create the proper seal. Even if you only see a couple of oil spots on the garage floor underneath your Beemer, you need to have any oil leak fixed ASAP.

3. Vibrating Steering Wheel

This problem is common with BMW 3 Series automobiles, so if you drive one, you might notice this: You apply the brakes and the steering wheel starts to shake or vibrate. The reason why your steering wiggles when you brake is that there is a problem with the thrush arm bushings. The thrush arm bearings are found in your BMW’s suspension, and they need to be replaced usually around 75,000 miles or they will fail and you’ll get a vibrating steering wheel.

4. Tail Lamp Problems

BMW automobiles have tail lamp circuit boards that are designed to trigger a dashboard warning light if one of the tail lamps goes out or malfunctions. Usually, the message you will receive on the dashboard is either “Check Rear Lamp” or “Check Brake Lamp.” Either of these messages suggests that you’ve got a faulty tail lamp connection and the circuit board is reporting this error to the engine control unit. Corrosion can make the circuit board think there’s a problem when there isn’t, as well.

Peak Euro is the best European auto repair shop in Bend, OR, and we’ve got your BMW’s maintenance and repair covered from roof to tires. Call us today to set up a service time.

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