How Much Fun Is it To Drive On The Autobahn?

How Much Fun Is it To Drive On The Autobahn?

One of our dreams here at Peak Euro is to drive The Autobahn someday. This famous German highway not only pushes speed limits to the limit but also its drivers’ skills. One reason why European automobiles are known for their ease of handling is that people need enhanced control of their vehicles when they’re driving on these high-speed European highways. Believe it or not, The Autobahn has driving rules. Here are some of the rules to put in your back pocket if you get a chance to drive this highway.

Pass on the Left

You cannot pass on the right on The Autobahn. The only legal way to pass a slower vehicle is to do so on the left. It’s also a rule that you must signal your intentions; no just passing without turning on your left signal first. Signaling equals courtesy and courtesy is required on The Autobahn.

Always Check Your Mirrors

With you and everyone else going super-fast, it’s crucial that you always check your mirrors, especially your left side-view mirror when you’re planning to change lanes. People are coming up fast on the left-hand side, and you should always be aware of where all the traffic is.

Newbies and Slow Drivers Keep Right

Until you get used to driving on this fast highway, it’s a good idea to stay to the right. This is where the slower traffic also drives. It might be tempting to hit the left-hand lanes and push the speedometer to the limit, but unless you’re experienced driving at the higher speeds, it can be dangerous.

Watch for Speed Limits

Contrary to popular belief, The Autobahn does enact speed limits through major towns and when the weather, road construction, or traffic conditions require it. You will see digital signs on The Autobahn that will reflect speed restrictions when they are in effect. Obey them.

Take Breaks to Keep Fresh

Driving at fast speeds takes more out of you than you might realize. If you plan on spending the day on this superhighway, plan breaks every two hours to get out of your car and visit quaint German villages. This keeps you refreshed and alert behind the wheel.

Don’t Rage

German drivers are used to The Autobahn, and they will drive aggressively all around you. They may pass you in frustration and cut in front of you, and when they do, it’s important not to succumb to road rage. This is how they drive. It’s nothing personal.

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Written by Developer Autoshop