I Think My BMW’s Starter Has Died

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I Think My BMW’s Starter Has Died

If your BMW’s starter has died, you won’t be able to get the engine started. A lot of things go on underneath the hood when you press the Start button or turn the key. Part of what happens is a tiny motor called the starter helps to fire up the engine. This tiny motor lasts about 100,000 miles to 150,000 miles, so if you drive an older Beemer, Peak Euro advises that it might be time to replace the starter.

Clicking When You Turn the Key

The starter may give you a heads-up that it’s planning to die soon. Sometimes, the starter will make strange noises when you first turn the key or press the Start button. Clicking is a common noise a faulty starter will make. It might also decide to make a whirring noise. If the whirring starts and doesn’t stop, the starter is running constantly without shutting off after the engine fires up. This can cause problems with the starter and the BMW’s engine.

The Engine Will Not Start…

If your BMW’s starter has died, the engine will not start. You’ll have a dead engine underneath the hood and no amount of jump-starting the battery will help – more on that next. Without a functional starter, an engine cannot fire up. As such, if you hear a clicking sound when try to ignite the BMW, drive straight to our shop rather than take chances. You may get your Beemer to fire up this time but it won’t the next time you try to start it.

… But the Lights Still Work

As we just said, jump-starting the battery isn’t going to start your engine because the battery isn’t the problem. With a dead starter, you will have a dead engine but lights that work. This is because the battery and alternator are still generating electricity. Rather, your Beemer will not start because the starter motor no longer works.

You See and Smell Smoke

If you continue to try to start your BMW in vain, the only thing you will accomplish is generating smoke from the engine. You will see smoke wafting from underneath the hood and smell it in the air. This is a sign that the starter motor has gotten too hot. Stop trying to fire up your Beemer if it hasn’t started by now. The starter is dead.

Peak Euro in Bend, OR, can replace your BMW’s starter if it needs it. We can also replace the starter in your Audi, Mercedes, and VW. Call us today for an appointment.

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