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When it comes to preserving the integrity and performance of your vehicle there is nothing more important than preventative maintenance. And when it comes to preventative maintenance for your vehicle there is nothing more important or simple than getting a regular oil change. After all, if your engine is the heart of your vehicle then your engine oil is the lifeblood. If you drive European vehicles, we want you to know that when it comes to European oil changes, Bend drivers prefer the service they receive from our expert European technicians.

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Your engine oil has the important job of lubricating and cooling your engine by reducing the friction between its many components. So why does it need to be changed? As engine oil ages it also breaks down which compromises and even reverses its ability to reduce friction in your engine. Instead, old and dirty oil can actually leave build up and increase the friction leading to overheating. This is what makes regular oil changes absolutely crucial to the health and performance of your engine.

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We often hear the same questions about oil changes or oil service from our customers. How often should I get my oil changed? Is an oil change all I need? While it is generally recommended that you have your oil changed every 3 months or 3,000 miles, we have found that the frequency of your oil changes actually depends on other factors including the make, model, and year fo your car as well as your actual driving habits. The best way to determine how often you need an oil change is by consulting with one of our European automotive experts.

We also recommend that you include other services besides an oil change in your regular maintenance. After all, as important as your engine is, it isn’t the only major component or system in your vehicle. The other systems in your European vehicle that require regular service and maintenance include your transmission, brakes, suspension, and cooling systems. Peak Euro is a one-stop European automotive shop and we provide all the preventative maintenance services you need to keep your European vehicle performing like a dream.

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If you are looking for a European mechanic that can deliver all the preventative maintenance you need for your European vehicle, look no further than Peak Euro. In one visit you will see why more Bend drivers recommend us for their European oil changes and maintenance than anyone else.

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