My son was looking for his first car and found his “dream car” at Peak Euro: A 9-year-old Audi. Ryan was very up-front about the cosmetic defects and any engine “issues” he had encountered. After purchasing, a few very simple things needed to be addressed (turn signal stopped working) and the check engine light came on. Ryan saw us the same day we called and ran a diagnostic free of charge and replaced the signal switch with a used part he was willing to let us have or would order us a new part. He took the time to explain what was going on and fixed a minor problem with a hose…he and his service tech spent 30 minutes of time with no charge to my son. I highly recommend Peak Euro and know we will be taking our Audi there for all future servicing. Thank You So Much Ryan!

Wonderful Service

If you want to purchase a phenomenally top-notch, well-manicured (gently pre-owned) Audi or Volkswagen, you’d best be driving yourself to Peak Euro in Bend, OR. I guarantee you will neither be hustled nor swindled nor made to feel an ounce of pressure. Peak is operated by a two-owner system with absolutely no jaunty sales (or any sales people for that matter). I bought a ’99 Audi A4 from Peak Euro in April 2011. It boasted a mere 105,000 miles and a sexy physique to boot. Ryan Miles, Owner, crossed every T and dotted every i all while holding the most comfortable-enough-to-have-been-in-his-own-living-room conversation. He was as warm as he was forthcoming, answering every last question we had about the past, present and future of the car. Peak offers optional power train warranties, incredible fare pricing (my purchase was below KBB value) and pristine clean cars. They also have a Audi/Volkswagen repair expert on site. He inspects every inch of the car before releasing it into the wild. I would give them an 11 out of 10 for: high quality product, trustworthiness, excellent people skills and cleanliness. Do visit their website to select which car in their inventory you will buy. – C. Gusick

“11 Out of 10” Rating

I am an avid Audi enthusiast and a very particular Audi owner, one of the annoying ones that hovers while you work on my car. I have yet to find a shop like Ryan’s. I have not seen many other interactions with other customers, but the one’s I’ve had have all gone extremely well. Ryan takes the time to get to the root of your problems, and offers low cost diagnostic support and code error reading (a service Carrera will gladly charge you $140 for). Ryan knows Audi/VW better than most that I have encountered, and works with you to complete your repair. He has taken time to trouble shoot my car to be sure we are not replacing needless items. This is a key service for Audi’s since they can have ghosts occasionally. I can also say in his defense, that people that do not work with Audi’s on a regular basis, don’t know S#%&$ and although, they may be a good mechanic, they usually don’t know where to start when it comes to Audi/VW cars.

I recommend the services that PEAK TRANSPORT offers and will continue to have my Audi services done there. Their is great also and takes pride in the work he does instead of slapping it together. Peak even took the time to replace a few missing clips in my engine bay, just because they had some available and they noticed mine were gone.

Repairs Done RIGHT!