Signs My MINI Cooper’s Alternator Is Dead

Signs My MINI Cooper’s Alternator Is Dead

Peak Euro advises that one sign that your MINI Cooper’s alternator is dead is if you are unable to start the European automobile. If you have a new battery that requires jump-starting on a regular basis, the alternator is not able to keep the battery charged. This is just one of the jobs of the alternator. As you will learn as you keep reading, the alternator performs numerous duties. Here are signs that you need a new alternator installed in your MINI Cooper.

Accessory Problems

The alternator also provides the power at all of your power accessories need to operate. This includes things such as device charging ports, the radio or entertainment system, the navigation system, and the power windows and seats. If any of these things start to have problems, the alternator may not be producing enough power to power them.

Battery Warning Light

You may also end up with a warning on your MINI Cooper’s dashboard. Generally, when the alternator is experiencing problems, the battery light turns on in newer automobiles. It used to be that dashboards had an ALT light that would illuminate.

MINI Light Problems

Speaking of lights, this is another thing that the alternator powers. If you have noticed that your MINI Cooper’s lights, both interior and exterior, are flickering, too dim, or too bright, this is an indication that the alternator is not generating enough electricity or too much electricity. The interior and exterior lights rely on the alternator and battery for power.

Overheated Electricity

Speaking of electricity, your MINI Cooper’s alternator should never produce more than 14.5 volts when it generates electricity. In some cases, a faulty alternator will overwork itself and produce excess electricity. Consequently, this will overheat the electrical system.

Stalling Frequently

As we mentioned above, the alternator has numerous responsibilities. Another responsibility is to make sure that the spark plugs have power so they can fire up the air and fuel in each cylinder. If you have been having problems lately with your MINI stalling frequently, it could be that the spark plugs are not getting the power they need from the alternator.

Strange Engine Noises

Finally, your engine may start to make strange noises if the alternator is going bad. Sometimes, the alternator will make a growling sound in your engine because it is wearing out and parts are grinding against each other.

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