Signs My Porsche's Exhaust Manifold Is Cracked

Signs My Porsche’s Exhaust Manifold Is Cracked

Peak Euro is the best European auto shop in Bend, and we are here to help you with all of your Porsche’s services and repairs. If you keep your Porsche for a long time, there may come a point when the exhaust manifold cracks and needs to be replaced. The manifold handles the exhaust, which means it deals with a ton of heat and pressure. Below are signs that you have a crack in the exhaust manifold.

Poor Engine Performance

We know why you bought your Porsche; you bought it because of the engine performance. Unfortunately, when the exhaust manifold cracks, the engine fills with exhaust gases. This will reduce your Porsche’s performance because it will interfere with engine combustion.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

Nobody needs to head to the service station more often with gas prices what they are these days. The bad news is that the cracked manifold is also going to reduce your Porsche’s fuel efficiency. This means you will need to fill the tank more often to keep the sports car on the road.

Burning Plastic Odors

As we mentioned above, the manifold deals with a ton of heat, and this heat will start to melt plastic and rubber parts in the Porsche’s engine once the exhaust gases fill the engine. Consequently, you will smell burning plastic and rubber coming from the engine.

In addition, the scorching exhaust is going to heat up the metal parts that are in your Porsche’s engine. As such, you may find that the engine temperature is much hotter than it normally is. In fact, the leaking exhaust manifold can cause the engine to overheat.

Strong Exhaust Odors

When the engine is filled with exhaust gases, it is easy for the ventilation system to pick up these gases and push them through the vents. Consequently, the inside of your Porsche may start to smell like exhaust. Do not drive the Porsche if you can smell exhaust. Inhaling the exhaust can be deadly. At a minimum, it will make you sick.

Hissing or Tapping

Listen carefully when you first fire up your Porsche to see if you hear hissing or tapping in the engine. If you do, this is the exhaust gases escaping through the crack in the exhaust manifold. This sound is easier to detect when you first start the engine.

Finally, Peak Euro in Bend, OR, advises that the check engine light may come on until you replace the exhaust manifold. We can do that here at our shop.

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