Signs the Clutch Is Going Out on My European Automobile

Signs the Clutch Is Going Out on My European Automobile

A manual transmission clutch can last well over 100,000 miles if it is taking care of. Ignoring the clutch will reduce its lifespan. Peak Euro would be happy to maintain your vehicle’s clutch and manual transmission. In fact, we’d be happy to maintain your European automobile completely. We are experts when it comes to European automotive service and repair, and we are going to list the signs that the clutch is going out on your European automobile below.

The Clutch Feels Soft

One of the first things that you will notice is that your clutch feels differently under your foot. If the clutch is going out, it may feel squishy or soft when you press down on it. It may also sing to the floor without catching or the bite point may get higher.

The Clutch Is Squeaking

The clutch can also squeak or growl if it is going out. You will hear this sound when you depress the clutch and release it. Sometimes, we can resolve the issue by adjusting the clutch and replacing some of the internal mechanisms. It just depends on the extent of the clutch’s damage.

The Gears Are Grinding

If your gears are grinding when you shift them or if you are having difficulties getting your vehicle into gear, your clutch is not working as it should be. You should be able to put your European automobile into gear without any trouble at all. You should also be able to shift through the gear cycle with zero noise easily.

The Gears Are Slipping

Grinding gears are a sign that your clutch is going out as are slipping gears. What this means is that you may put your vehicle into gear but it will slip out of gear. You will notice that your engine’s revolutions increase drastically and you will lose power because your automobile is in neutral.

The Acceleration Lags

Another sign that your clutch is having problems is if your acceleration lags. This is an indication that the clutch is not transferring the power to the drive train to turn the wheels. This happens when a clutch goes bad.

You Smell Hot Odors

Finally, you shouldn’t be able to smell hot odors coming from your clutch. If you do detect the smell of burning odors, it’s a good idea to pull over and call for a tow truck. Burning odors could be a bad clutch or something more serious going on with your engine.

Again, Peak Euro in Bend, OR, are European automobile service and repair experts. Call us today if you are having problems with your clutch.

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