Signs Your Audi No Longer Has a Catalytic Converter

Signs Your Audi No Longer Has a Catalytic Converter

Peak Euro advises that you will know something is wrong right away when you fire up your Audi after the catalytic converter has been stolen. It doesn’t take an experienced thief long to cut the converter out of your exhaust system. Unfortunately, catalytic converter theft is a common practice because of the metal the converter contains. Here are signs that your Audi no longer has a catalytic converter.

Excessively Loud Engine

When you press the start button or turn the ignition key, your engine is going to be extremely loud when it fires up. It will be roaring like a lion. Unfortunately, the noise gets even louder when you press down on the Audi’s accelerator. Although the catalytic converter is not a muffler, it muffles the noise of the engine pushing the exhaust out of it and into the catalytic converter. This noise is loud.

Jerking Acceleration

This action is also forceful, which is why your acceleration will jerk every time you press down on the accelerator. Aside from buffering the sound, the catalytic converter also buffers the force. Consequently, because it is gone, your Audi will feel the full brunt of that force and jerk in response. You will continue to have acceleration problems until you replace the stolen catalytic converter.

Slow-Speed Sputtering

Another thing that will happen is your Audi will sputter when you are driving at slow speeds. You will notice that the engine smooths out as you pick up speed. The catalytic converter’s presence helps the engine when it produces low-end torque. This is the power it produces so you can drive slowly. The missing catalytic converter will affect this torque production and your Audi will struggle.

Strong Exhaust Smells

Based on what you have read so far, it may seem as if it is okay to drive your Audi if the catalytic converter is missing, but we strongly discourage it. The reason why is that when the exhaust leaves the engine, it no longer enters the catalytic converter. It simply circles around your automobile and can come inside. When this happens, you will get sick while you are driving your Audi.

Check Engine Warning

Finally, it shouldn’t be a surprise that you will also end up with the check engine warning on the dashboard. Naturally, there are a lot of things going wrong because the catalytic converter is gone. This triggers the engine control unit to turn on the check engine light.

Call the authorities first and then your auto insurance company. Next, call Peak Euro in Bend, OR, to schedule an appointment for a new catalytic converter.

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