Signs Your Volkswagen’s Engine Needs to Be Replaced

Signs Your Volkswagen’s Engine Needs to Be Replaced

You love your VW Beetle and you will never get rid of it. You bought this car when you were a teenager, and the classic Beetle is the only way to go. Lately, it’s been suffering from a ton of problems and repairs don’t seem to be helping it. Peak Euro advises that this could be a sign that it’s time to replace the engine inside your classic Beetle. In fact, you need a new engine if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms listed below.

Constant Knocking

If you hear your engine knocking all the time, it’s possible that the rod bearings have loosened and your pistons are clanking against the cylinder walls. As you can imagine, this can damage both the pistons and the cylinders. Replacing the rod bearings is an extensive job, but it can be done if you don’t feel like dropping a new engine in the Beetle. If you’ve broken a rod, however, you’ll need a new engine.

Constant Overheating

If your VW Beetle is constantly overheating, it may be time for a new cooling system. It could also be that your engine is hemorrhaging coolant through the engine gasket or the head gasket. As the coolant is introduced into other engine systems, it damages them. If your VW is always running hot to the point where you end up with steam coming out of the engine, you may need a new engine.

Excess Engine Exhaust

Exhaust is another sign that the engine is hemorrhaging fluid. In this case, black exhaust means that your engine is seriously leaking fuel. If you see blue or gray exhaust flowing out of the tailpipe, your engine is seriously leaking oil. If you see white exhaust flowing out of the tailpipe, your engine is leaking coolant as discussed above. Excess exhaust can be a sign that you need a new engine.

Metal Part Shavings

Eventually, your Beetle’s engine will begin to disintegrate. The metal parts inside it will start to dissolve and the oil will pick up their shavings as it circulates through the engine. This is definitely a sign that you need a new engine. There really isn’t anything that can be done to fix the existing engine when it is so old that it is disintegrating.

Reduction in Power

You may also notice a reduction in your VW’s power and, no matter how much you have the engine serviced, you cannot restore power. This is just a sign that your engine has reached the end of its life. There’s no way to fix it. You just need to replace it.

Peak Euro in Bend, OR, would be happy to take a look at your VW’s engine to determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced. Set up an appointment with us today.

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