Signs That Your European Automobile’s Oil Filter Is Clogged

Signs That Your European Automobile’s Oil Filter Is Clogged

We here at Peak Euro cannot stress enough how important it is that you get your European automobile’s oil changed at the recommended mileage milestone. Not only does your engine need fresh motor oil but it also needs a clean oil filter. Driving with a clogged oil filter can cause the following problems. What’s worse is that it can damage the engine.

Reduced Engine Performance

Your engine performance will be reduced by the clogged filter because it is causing dirty motor oil to be circulated through the engine. As the oil circulates through the engine, it deposits dirt and grime on the moving parts. This directly affects their ability to function. Consequently, your European automobile’s engine performance will lag until you get an oil change and replace the oil filter.

Reduced Fuel Economy

As you likely already know, any time your engine is struggling to perform you will see a reduction in your European automobile’s fuel economy. This is a side effect of a poor-performing engine. Unfortunately, you will head to the service station more often until you get the oil changed in the oil filter replaced. The reason why is that your engine will continue to perform poorly until this time.

Reduced Oil Pressure

Another reason why the engine is performing poorly is that the oil pressure has been reduced by the clogged oil filter. Aside from a poor-performing engine, you will also see an oil light illuminated on your dashboard. This is your European automobile’s main computer chip, the engine control module, telling you that there is an oil problem in the engine. In this case, it’s reduced oil pressure.

Metallic Noises in the Engine

The more the oil filter gets clogged the more it inhibits oil circulation. Eventually, you will end up with little to no oil circulating through the engine. When this happens, you will hear metallic noises coming from the engine because the parts are moving against each other without lubrication. If you continue to drive your European automobile in this condition, you can literally kill the engine in less than 30 minutes.

Exhaust Filled With Hydrocarbons

Finally, your European automobile’s exhaust will get filled with hydrocarbons from the dirty motor oil. This means there is no chance for the vehicle to pass an emissions test.

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