The Water Pump in Your European Automobile Will Last About 100,000 Miles

The Water Pump in Your European Automobile Will Last About 100,000 Miles

As the title of this blog post says, you can expect to get about 100,000 miles out of your European automobile’s water pump. After this time, there’s a higher risk that the water pump will go bad. Peak Euro is going to list the signs of a faulty water pump below. As you will see as you keep reading, it’s important to replace the malfunctioning water pump as soon as possible to avoid damaging the engine in your European automobile. We can replace the water pump when it needs it.

Corrosion on the Water Pump

As the water pump ages, it begins to spring tiny leaks that corrode the water pump and the water pump housing. In fact, this corrosion can begin to eat through the pump and cause tiny holes or pits on the pump surface. If you inspect your water pump regularly and you notice these holes or pits, bring your vehicle to our shop right away so we can replace the water pump.

Spots/Puddles on the Garage Floor

The water pump can also spring more significant leaks that leave spots or puddles on the garage floor. If you don’t know the color of your engine coolant, pop the hood when the engine is cold and look at your overflow reservoir. If spots or puddles of the same color are on your garage floor near the front of your engine, it’s possible that your water pump or radiator is leaking.

Reduced Coolant Circulation

Aside from leaks, the water pump can also begin to malfunction when it gets old. Consequently, what happens is a reduction in the circulation of coolant through your engine. It is important that the water pump circulate the coolant through the engine just as it is important that your heart circulate your blood through your body. A faulty water pump will have circulation problems.

An Engine That Overheats Constantly

The above will cause your engine to overheat, and this is where the real trouble begins. If you drive your European automobile with an overheating engine, you can damage it significantly. In fact, you can even crack the engine block, and the only way to fix that is to replace the engine. Don’t take chances. Have your European automobile toe to our shop if the engine is overheating.

Again, Peak Euro in Bend, OR, can replace your water pump if it is malfunctioning. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for your European automobile.

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