What Are the Different Motor Oil Types for My European Automobile?

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What Are the Different Motor Oil Types for My European Automobile?

With different types of motor oil on the market, it might be difficult to choose the best one for your European automobile. Peak Euro advises that the first thing you should do is check your owner’s manual. In the manual, your vehicle’s manufacturer will recommend the specific oil type and weight. This is the oil that you should use. This being said, there may come a time when you would use a different oil type to protect your engine better. Let’s talk about the different types of motor oil below.


The most popular and commonly-used motor oil on the market is conventional motor oil. This is the oil that has been used for decades to protect automobile engines. Conventional motor oil is extracted from crude and some blends contain additives to help protect your engine better. This motor oil should be changed every 3,000 miles, and it works well on low-mileage vehicles that do not have high-performance actions or special needs.


High-mileage motor oil is recommended at the 75,000-mile mark. The reason why this oil is recommended is that it helps prevent oil leaks in your engine. There are special additives in high-mileage oil to protect older engines better and help keep them sealed. It isn’t uncommon for an engine to start leaking oil after 75,000 or 100,000 miles. If your European automobile has this kind of mileage on it, consider switching to high-mileage oil.

Synthetic Blend

Many people want the benefits of synthetic oil without having to pay the price. For these people, a synthetic blend will work well. This is a combination of synthetic and conventional oil that has additives to help protect the engine better. The synthetic blend oil also allows you to go longer between oil changes but not as long as full synthetic oil. Synthetic blends work well and just about any automobile other than those with high mileage and high-performance engines.


If your European automobile is a high-performance automobile, chances are your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends full synthetic motor oil only. In fact, this is the motor oil recommended by BMW for all of its models. Synthetic motor oil is man-made and contains additives that are designed to increase the oil’s viscosity and longevity. This means it does an excellent job of protecting your engine, even in extreme weather, and also lasts longer.

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