What Filters Do I Have in My Car and When Do I Change Them?

What Filters Do I Have in My Car and When Do I Change Them?

In order to get your European automobile started, the engine needs a combination of both fuel and air. This mixture is detonated by the spark plugs to start engine combustion, and it is this engine combustion that fires up your vehicle and keeps it running. What flows into your engine must be clean, however, which is why it has a series of filters that need regular changing. Peak Euro lists the filters in your automobile below and the general recommendations for when they need to be replaced.

1. Air Filter (Cabin)

Most automobiles these days have two air filters. One can be found filtering the air that flows into your vehicle’s cabin. This ensures that you always have fresh air blowing through the vents so your vehicle does not make you sick. One of the things that the cabin filter prevents from flowing into your automobile’s interior is the engine’s exhaust. Generally speaking, you should plan to have your cabin air filter changed every 30,000 miles.

2. Air Filter (Engine)

The other air filter is found in the engine, and this filter makes sure that the air drawn through the vehicle’s grille and vents has all the debris and contaminants removed from it before it circulates into the combustion chamber. This filter not only affects your engine’s performance but also its gas mileage. It’s important to change the engine’s air filter every 12,000 miles. You can check this filter’s condition yourself easily.

3. Fuel Filter

The fuel filter does for your vehicle’s gasoline or diesel fuel what the air filter does for the air. It makes certain that the gasoline that is sprayed into the combustion chamber by the fuel injectors is clean and free of anything that could harm your vehicle’s cylinders. Generally speaking, the fuel filter should be changed every two years. If you drive 30,000 miles before two years is up, the fuel filter needs to be changed then.

4. Oil Filter

Finally, your oil filter makes sure that the oil circulating through your engine is always clean. Rather than filter the oil before it is circulated through the engine, the oil filter filters out the dirt and debris afterward. This ensures the motor oil is always clean as it cycles through the engine while it is on. The nice thing about the oil filter is it’s changed automatically during every oil change, so stay faithful with your oil changes.

Located in Bend, OR, Peak Euro can help you with your automotive filters. Stop by our shop today and we will inspect each one to make sure none of them need to be changed.

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