What Is Making My Brakes Squeal All the Time?

What Is Making My Brakes Squeal All the Time?

Every time you slow down and stop your European automobile, the brakes squeal. It doesn’t matter if you brake softly or hard; the brakes squeal. The noise is annoying, embarrassing, and concerning. Peak Euro advises your concern is justified. Using your brakes should never be a noisy or bumpy experience. If the brakes keep squealing no matter what you do, one of the following problems could be the culprit.

The Brake Pads

The brake pads will squeal when they are getting too low. In most cases, the noise is a purposeful one that is being caused by sensors in the pads. These sensors are designed to let you know that it’s time to change the brake pads, and they do so by making squealing sounds. The pads can also squeal when they are wet, although they should stop squealing when they dry out, and when they are too hot.

The Pad Insulation

Brake pad insulation is installed while your European automobile is being manufactured to prevent the brakes from squealing, so, naturally, if there is a problem with the pad insulation, the brakes will squeal. The most common problem with brake pad insulation is that it doesn’t exist. In other words, you may have had new pads put on your Beemer or Benz but the technician failed to install new pad insulation.

The Rotors

The rotors are cut to help them generate friction when the brake pads press against them. Each time the pads press against the rotors, a little bit of their surface wears down. Eventually, the rotors need to be recut. This usually happens at about 60,000 miles, so if you haven’t had your rotors resurfaced and cut again, they could be the reason why your brakes are squealing every time you press down on the pedal.

The Heat

When we say heat, we mean your brakes are overheating, not the outside air. As we mentioned above, brake pads will squeal when they are too hot, as will rotors. These parts “glaze” when they get hot, which means their surfaces smooth out. Once the surfaces are smooth, the brakes will squeal and, as they continue to get hotter, will eventually fail to stop your automobile. Overheating brakes are dangerous.

Peak Euro in Bend, OR, would be happy to inspect your brakes to find out why they squeal all the time. Call our shop today to schedule an appointment. We’ll get you in and out as quickly as possible because we know that your time is precious.

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