Why Does the Transmission Fluid Color Change in My European Automobile?

Why Does the Transmission Fluid Color Change in My European Automobile?

The transmission fluid’s color changes as it ages. This happens in all automobiles. Peak Euro is going to discuss the different colors of transmission fluid below to demonstrate its various life stages. It’s important to have the transmission fluid changed when it needs it; this is usually every 30,000 miles. The transmission fluid is not only are protective fluid that lubricates the transmission parts. It is also a hydraulic fluid to help the transmission shift gears. Old and dirty transmission fluid will overheat the transmission and cause serious and unnecessary damage to it.


The transmission fluid in your European automobile should always be red. In fact, bright red, translucent transmission fluid is in ideal condition. There is no need to change this fluid because it is capable of doing its job without any problems. Your transmission will operate smoothly and seamlessly barring any other problems if it has bright red and translucent fluid in it.


Once the fluid starts to age, it will turn orange or light brown. It doesn’t lose its translucency at this phase, which means it is still capable of doing its job. In other words, you do not need to change your transmission fluid yet, but you will need to change it soon, so plan for that.


Chances are, if it has been 30,000 miles since your last transmission fluid flush and refill, the transmission fluid is brown. This fluid needs to be changed right away. The transmission fluid has oxidized and turned opaque. This means it has air bubbles in it and these bubbles prevent it from protecting the transmission and helping it shift gears.

Even worse, if your transmission fluid is dark brown or black, it is damaging the transmission. You will notice that you are having problems with your automatic transmission including getting it into gear and keeping it in gear. Your transmission may refuse to shift through the gear cycle or it may slip out of gear. All of these things indicate serious transmission trouble. This trouble may be caused by the transmission fluid. It’s crucial that you change it right away.


Finally, and as an aside, if your transmission fluid is pink, the transmission is seriously damaged. Pink transmission fluid is a combination of transmission fluid and engine coolant. You have a serious leak between your transmission and cooling system.

The latter can destroy your transmission, so call Peak Euro in Bend, OR, right away for an appointment.

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