Why Is My Audi’s Engine Knocking All the Time?

Why Is My Audi’s Engine Knocking All the Time?

If you are Audi’s engine is knocking all the time, there is either a problem with the detonation in the combustion chamber or the rod bearings. Either condition can damage the engine if you keep driving the Audi, so it’s important that you bring it to Peak Euro as soon as possible for service and repair. This is especially true if the knock is being caused by the rod bearings and the rods. Let’s talk more about engine knocking below.

Bad Sensor

Your Audi’s engine has a sensor that is designed to determine when the engine is knocking. Once it hears the knocks, it notifies the main computer chip that there is a problem. This is so the computer chip can make necessary adjustments to the air and fuel in the combustion chamber to restore proper detonation. Proper detonation is only one firing in each cylinder. Improper detonation is multiple firings, and this is what makes the knocking sound. Your engine could be knocking because the knock sensor has gone bad.

Bad Timing

Bad engine timing will also cause multiple detonations in each cylinder. Again, it is these detonations that make the knocking sound. Your engine’s timing may be off because the spark plugs and wires are worn and are not firing correctly. It is also possible that the main computer chip is malfunctioning and firing the spark plugs out of sequence.

Too Much Air

If there is too much air in the combustion chamber, your Audi is running on a lean fuel mixture. Unfortunately, there needs to be enough fuel in each cylinder to fire only once. If there is more air, you will end up with multiple firings in the cylinders and the knocking noises. Things that can cause too much air in the combustion chamber include a faulty mass airflow or oxygen sensor.

Low Octane

Your engine could be knocking because you don’t have the right fuel in your Audi. Most Audis need high-octane fuel in order to run properly. If you are putting low-octane fuel in the tank, the engine will knock because, again, the fuel is not firing quickly enough and, as such, you’ve got multiple detonations.

Worn Bearings

Finally, as we said above, the rods or rod bearings could be worn and this will cause the pistons to knock against the cylinder walls. This can damage the cylinders, and if you break or rod, you won’t be able to start your Audi’s engine.

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