Why is My Engine Struggling When I Drive Fast?

Why is My Engine Struggling When I Drive Fast?

A faulty fuel pump could be the reason why your engine struggles when you drive at faster speeds. The combustion chamber needs more fuel in order to power the engine to go faster. If the fuel pump is unable to provide enough fuel to the chamber, your engine will hiccup and sputter as you pick up speed. Peak Euro advises that your engine will also sputter when you reach the desired speed. Here are additional signs that you are driving with a malfunctioning fuel pump.

The Engine Loses Power When Stressed

Stress also requires more fuel in the combustion chamber. Examples of stress include driving on steep hills and towing trailers behind your European automobile. If you notice that your engine loses power under these conditions, it’s probable that the fuel pump is going bad and needs to be replaced.

The Engine Overheats Constantly

Your engine should always run at a temperature that is below 220 degrees Fahrenheit. If your engine overheats constantly, it’s possible that the fuel pump motor is overheating. This can happen if the fuel pump cannot draw enough cooling diesel fuel or gasoline out of the tank to cool the motor.

The Engine Surges Unexpectedly

Sometimes, the fuel pump releases too much fuel into the combustion chamber and, as a consequence, your engine will surge unexpectedly. This will happen even though you did not increase your foot pressure on the accelerator. Unfortunately, your engine will continue to surge until you replace the faulty fuel pump.

There is Low Fuel Pressure

Another sign that your fuel pump is going out is if your vehicle produces low fuel pressure. We can test the fuel pressure of your European automobile in our shop, or you can test it at home using a fuel pressure gauge that you purchase at an auto parts store.

There’s a Reduction in Fuel Economy

Anytime the fuel pump is malfunctioning you will end up with a reduction in your European automobile’s fuel economy. This is an unavoidable side effect of the dying fuel pump. The pump is causing an inefficient engine. Inefficiency flows through more gasoline.

You Cannot Get the Engine Started

Finally, if you ignore the problems listed above, you may end up with a dead engine. If the malfunctioning fuel pump is not replaced when it needs it, it will reach a point where it can’t pump gas or diesel fuel into the engine at all.

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