Why Is My European Automobile Slipping Out of Gear?

Why Is My European Automobile Slipping Out of Gear?

Peak Euro advises that your European automobile is slipping out of gear because the transmission is going bad. An automatic transmission needs to be serviced per your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations or every 30,000 miles. If you have failed to replace the transmission fluid and have not had other transmission services, your vehicle could be slipping out of gear because the internal gears have worn out. Let’s talk about the signs of transmission trouble below.

Gear Shifting Trouble

Slipping out of gear is just one of the problems your transmission will have when it comes to shifting gears. If the transmission is going bad, you may not be able to get your automobile into gear in the first place. If you do get it into gear, it may shift through the gear cycle incorrectly by skipping gears or refusing to shift gears at all.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

Another sign of a transmission problem is fluid leaks underneath your automobile. The transmission is located underneath your car, truck, or utility vehicle, and the transmission fluid will leak from underneath the automobile toward the center. This leak needs to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent low transmission fluid levels.

Burning Odors

Burning odors suggest that you have low transmission fluid levels. Your transmission will overheat if it does not have enough clean, fresh transmission fluid to protect the gears and to help the transmission shift gears.

Strange Noises

Strange sounds can also come from the transmission that indicate the transmission is in trouble. You should never hear your gears grind as they shift, nor should you hear squealing or clunking. One particular sound of note is humming when your vehicle is in neutral. This definitely points to a problem with the transmission.

Strange Vehicle Sensation

Not only should your transmission operate silently but it should also operate smoothly. You should not feel your vehicle vibrate or shake as the transmission shifts through the gear cycle. If you feel your vehicle jerking as the transmission is shifting gears, you likely have a need to get the transmission fluid changed as soon as possible. There could also be other problems with the transmission.

Check Engine Warning

Finally, there is no transmission light on your dashboard so your vehicle’s main computer chip will turn on the check engine light if the transmission is malfunctioning. This is in conjunction with the other signs listed above.

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