Why Is My European Automobile’s Engine Picking Up Speed By Itself?

Why Is My European Automobile’s Engine Picking Up Speed By Itself?

Your European automobile’s engine may pick up speed by itself if there is something wrong with the cruise control, the fuel delivery, the mass airflow sensor, or the oxygen (O2) sensor. In this blog post, Peak Euro is going to talk about a malfunctioning oxygen sensor. If the sensor is sending incorrect exhaust oxygen readings to the main vehicle computer, the computer may increase the amount of fuel in the combustion chamber unnecessarily. This will cause your European automobile to pick up speed by itself. Here are other signs that your European automobile has a faulty O2 sensor.

Black Exhaust

The excess fuel can also cause black exhaust to flow out of the tailpipe. When the engine is inundated with fuel, it has no choice but to burn it off. As it burns it off, black smoke is produced and it exits via the tailpipe.

Check Engine Light

Your check engine light will also come on if you have a faulty oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensor does not have a dashboard warning light of its own, and, as such, the check engine light will illuminate to let you know there is a problem. We can download the error codes that cause the check engine light to turn on, and the codes will point us directly to the oxygen sensor if that is the problem.

High Emissions

Excess fuel burn can also cause higher carbon emissions in your vehicle’s exhaust. This can create problems if you live in a state where you need to have your vehicle pass an emissions test in order to register it. Oregon is one such state.

Poor Gas Mileage

Another sign that you have a malfunctioning oxygen sensor is poor gas mileage. Again, if the O2 sensor convinces the main computer that you need more gas in the combustion chamber when you don’t, the engine will burn away the excess gas and you will notice a significant difference in how many miles you get on each full tank. This can cut into your fuel budget seriously.

Rotten Egg Smell

Finally, the catalytic converter can become clogged as it tries to process the excess carbons in the vehicle’s exhaust. When this happens, your engine will overheat and you will smell rotten eggs. What you are actually smelling is burning sulfur.

Stop by Peak Euro in Bend, OR, today if you suspect that your European automobile has a faulty oxygen sensor. We will run a diagnostic check to find the problem, and then we will fix it.

Written by Developer Autoshop